About Us

From Our Founder

TROTT was officially formed in 2015. As a mother, previous foster parent  and years working with children I felt the sense of urgency to establish a dedicated program for teenagers. I wanted to provide outlet for them to turn to when feeling pressured or bullied. Maybe a direction to connect with other peers positively. Or interest they've gained to avoid negative pursuits.  Together Reaching Out To Teens, LTD is a  non-profit organization focusing on awareness, bullying, acceptance and  advocating for our youth to promote avenues for our future leaders through resources and opportunities. I truly believe that horse and human interaction can create a sense of healing and bring something wonderful to the communities. 

Our Story

Our story is simple! To create healing to both horse and human. Although our program was originally created for teens, over time we opened the doors to our community so that many age groups are offered a variety of opportunities. 

We are also excited to announce Ray of Hope which has become a sanctuary for ponies in need and invite you to visit that section of our website.  

The Community

Communities play a major role in our success.

Non-profit organizations rely heavily on the help of the community to assist and get through small-scale projects, receive donations to help in return our community through the goods and services of our program, to help spread awareness and to volunteers in order to fulfill the mission of what this program has to offer. Without the help of the community we would not be able to operate its full standard and offer the many great opportunities to help shape our world. The purpose of this organization is to unite, so lets unite together and create harmony, balance and peace to both horse and human. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Meet The Board

Ariana Rivera

She  holds years of financial knowledge focusing on empowering communities  through the passion she holds for horses and the impact she feels these  beautiful creatures can create for the people.  Ariana is a mother, a wife and a provider dedicated to what she does. She says "horses need an outlet as well" so what a better way to bring the two together and form the most  therapeutic experience and balance they can create among each other. She has been riding for over 10 yeas and appreciates the simple things in life. She serves as the Founder and CEO to this organization. 

William Rivera

He  is an entrepreneur who shares a passion for animals, believing in our  mission he strongly encourages participants as it creates healing  through therapeutic activities. He plays an active role in our organization serving a great purpose by volunteering assistance and  performing a variety of duties for TROTT. He currently serves as Grounds Keeper.

Amy Jacot

She is an amazing person who has a great deal of passion for horses and  respect for our community. Amy has many years in dealing with horses and  due to an injury unable to ride however it doesn’t stop her desire to continue to admire her equine family. Outside of our program she works with children that face disabilities and an entrepreneur in the field of photography. She volunteers for our program, helps with our horses when  needed and creates stunning pictures for TROTT. We personally invite  you to visit her website at www.akjphoto.com to see the amazing work she does. She serves as our photographer.

Serve On The Board

  • Program Coordinator
  • Public Relations
  • Committee